Marrakech info : useful information about Marrakesh to help you to organize your holiday in Morocco.
The staff at Riad Malika is available for any information required, for transportation, visits around, car rental and also 4 WD with /without driver.
Useful information to help organize your stay
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Low and High season
Summer being a very hot period, the low season starts mid-June until mid-September.
Morocco is on Greenwich mean time (GMT).
Difference in time with United Kingdom is 0 hour in winter and 1 in summer.
The traditional language is classical arabic, the everyday language is a dialect of Arabic and also “Tamazight” (berber language spoken in various areas like Souss, Rif and the Atlas).
Most of the population speaks French
Islam is the official religion and the whole Muslim population is Sunnite.
There is good cohabitation between different religions.
In Marrakech you will find also synagogues, catholic and protestants churches.

the local currency is the Moroccan Dirham, divided in 100 cents. Banknotes are 20/50/100 and 200 DH, coins are 1/2/5 and 10 DH, 5/10/20 and 50 cents. Dirhams are available only in Morocco. Avoid black market, it is highly illegal.
1 EURO: around 11 Dirhams 
1 $ U : around 8 Dirhams
1 £: around 13 Dirhams

Exchange and ATM
You can exchange your currency in various places such as: the international airport, all banks (neat the main square and in the Gueliz area, also near  Bd. Mohammed V), international hotels receptions and at the 'Office National du Tourisme' (Bd. Mohammed V).
Visa and passport
Your passport must be valid during your stay in Morocco. You must check with the Moroccan embassy in your country if you need to apply in advance for a visa (usually obtainable at the custom entry office).
Normal visas are valid for 3 months.
There are no problems in bringing  your personal belongings into the country. The import or export of dirhams is allowed within a limit of 1000 DH/person. Euros are allowed within a limit of € 9000/person.
In the old Medina all shops are open 10/20. Some are closed on Fridays from 13,00 and during religious festivities. In the center, shops are open 10-12,30 and 15,30 – 19,30, closed on Sundays.
The Souks
Infinity of choice ! Moroccan handcraft is beautiful and often a simple object becomes a piece of art in your living-room!
A lot of artists export their work to Europe and the United States. Here you are at the spring, enjoy and bargain! Don't be rude, try not to loose your patience and everything will go smoothly.
Public phones available everywhere also inside shops (pay cash or buy a tel card).
To call abroad from Morocco: dial 00 + international prefix + number to call
To call Morocco from abroad : dial + or 00 followed by 212 and the town prefix (Marrakesh is 524, add 0 if you call from Morocco to Marrakech: 0524).


Petits Taxis: called small taxis because of their size, beige colour, drive only in town (3 passengers max)
Grand Taxis: called big taxis because usually big Mercedes, beige color, can drive all over the country.
ALWAYS ask the driver to put ON the meter in a petit taxi, always ask a grand taxi for the price BEFORE starting.

Horse drawn carrage
Very nice way to discover Marrakech but you must fix the price before the departure and compare also with others, fix the itinerary and the time.
Train station:  ONCF de Marrakech - av Hassan II
- CTM : Gare Routière - bab doukkala .
for  Fes, Casablanca, Agadir, Essaouira and Marrakech

- Supratours : Old station ONCF – Av Hassan II .
for Agadir and  Essaouira

Marrakech Menara
about 5 km south of town

Airlines :

Air France :
British Airways :
Transavia :

Royale Air Maroc :

EasyJet :

Jet4You :

Ryanair :
 Iberia :
Air Arabia :
Norwegian :

Tourism information
- Conseil Régional du Tourisme de Marrakech :
- Office du Tourisme de Marrakech
situated at the corner of  bd Mohammed V and Place Abdelmoumen Ben Ali
Here you will find official guides.
They must have the official guide card delivered by the Minister of Tourism. You MUST tell your guide that you are or not interested in buying carpets or souvenirs, you will save a lot of time!
It is always recommended to buy without a guide to avoid to pay more as the shop will pay a commission to the guide.